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 Poonam Barua is Founder Director, PAMASIA — an independent firm specializing in corporate and institutional diplomacy, global corporate advisory services, and building leadership across a range of diverse stakeholders, based in New Delhi.

Ms. Barua is also Founder-Chairman of the distinguished “Forum for Women in Leadership” WILL Forum India — that brings together senior women executives from leading companies in India and multinationals for leveraging the vast talent-pool of women, sharing best practices for women in the workplace, and mentoring women for leadership positions. Over 6,000 senior women and men executives from across 250 companies, and over 500 WILL Mentees — have participated in the WILL Forum since its launch in 2007, that are redefining “balanced leadership” for future business success. Founding members of the WILL Forum India include Tata Consultancy Services, KPMG, and Infosys Technologies.

Ms. Barua has authored several WILL Research Reports and surveys on “WILL Handbook: 50-Best Practices for Women in the Workplace,” “Differentiating Styles of Women in Leadership,” “WILL User’s Guide: Mentoring Women for Best Rewards,” “WILL-KPMG Report: Women and Enterprise Risk Management” and “WILL-KPMG Report: In Pursuit of Balanced Leadership.”

The “Forum for Women in Leadership”, WILL Forum India– is a unique and deeply committed mandate that will bring together senior women executives in leadership positions from across corporate India for an open dialogue on their aspirations, opportunities, nurturing mind-sets, mentoring and harnessing the rewards of collective thinking for improving the workplace in the coming years.

The WILL Forum will set the tone and a strong agenda for women executives across industry and lateral segments of Indian business and society including private sector, public sector, and multinational corporations-to make an important case for leveraging the vast talent pool of women in the workplace and creating opportunities for them that will share the rewards of best business practices, and make a contribution to business and society.

Since inception in 2007, WILL Forum has successfully

  • Conducted more than 200 meetings across cities in India.
  • Brought together more than 6000 Women and Men Executives for collective thinking.
  • Produced and certified 500 WILL Mentees across various industries
  • Published 14 distinguished Reports and Research Surveys on issues impacting women in workplace.

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