Name of Client: Zensar Technologies Ltd, Hyderabad

Name of Training Program: Voice & Accent Neutralisation

Name of Trainer: Bama Shivkumar

Level of Training: Entry to Mid Management
Held on: 3rd – 7th APRIL 2017 (5 Days – 4 hrs/day)




The endeavour was to introduce effective communication skills through English as a medium of language without the Mother Tongue Influence.  The focus was primarily to understand each individual style of speaking identifying, and suggesting corrective action going forward.

To enhance the right communication styles through understanding the US culture to empathise and connect with the clients and their circumstances to provide the right solutions.

Written communication made simple and concise-tips and guidelines to implement and experiment for desired outcomes.


Fun interaction in a relaxed environment led the participants to open up and speak out, which enabled to identify their MTI and suggest workable solutions.

  1. Bingo – personal bingo
  2. Chinese Whisper – For identifying communication barriers
  3. Story formation – to express in a creative way, identification of grammatical errors
  4. Group discussions
  5. Role plays


This session with 20 participants focussed on grammar, formation of sentences, emphasis on the pronunciations, keeping the language simple, modulation of tone, rate of speech.  Individual inputs for corrective action set the ball rolling.  The participants were encouraged and raring to go and implement the learnings in their workplace!


DISCUSSION IN PROGRESS !                               .


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