Situations, out of each one of us, bring the best or even the worst. Look within to actually answer the question, “What do situations bring out of you, Best or the Worst?” We, mostly act out of our experiences and if we see the humans around us and even our own self with hands on our hearts, the stress and the conflicts have overtaken us and we seem to be spreading that to the environment around us. Obviously, what is held by us is what is shared by us to others.

To make it simpler, let me ask you a few questions. These would help you to actually know thyself better and come to a conclusion whether ‘you get the best of the stress/conflict’ or ‘the stress/conflict gets the better of you!’ While you answer these questions, please do not reflect on or talk about others. It’s only about us!

“Do all your relationships, as per you, get a score of 8.5 to 10 on a scale of 10? Relationships are not to be restricted to husband-wife or self-lover. Include the same with ‘Children’, ‘Boss (s)’, ‘Colleagues’, ‘Servants’, ….  

“Do you lose your cool often?” Even in your thoughts, not words or actions alone?

“Do you mumble behind someone’s back or clench your jaws/teeth?”

“Do you get the hammer effect on your temples or frequent headaches?”

“Are you quite compassionate to the complete universal existence- beyond your family members, animals, ants, flies, and the like, inclusive?”

“Do you feel like yelling at times on someone?”

If the answers to all the questions above are a YES, and your scores are below 8.5 on a scale of 10, you are not doing very well. You are stress prone. We then we need to do something much more to transform ourselves to a ‘Strengthened/Empowered Self’. If the answers are positive and you are scoring above 8.5, well you are doing well for yourself and others. This would make us an effective human who can spread compassion all around to make the world a better place to live in.

We, being the epicentre of all existence need to be:

  • Lighter and purer in Energy- give better vibrations to the environment we are in.
  • Develop discriminatory powers (‘Viveka’) – helps in understanding and decision making. This makes us more intelligent and makes us work on human emotions to transform them to ‘Spiritual Emotions’ which means that we hurt no one and get hurt from no one.
  • Stay in a state of ‘Equanimity’- Balance; enhances our understanding of others and makes us effective communicators.

Would you like to be all of what has been shared above? Yes, of course! But how is the question, Yes? Let us do the following every day without fail to be able to handle any given situation, to be a situational leader, in any given situation, with anybody around you:

  • Drink a lot of water (pure water), at least 3 to 4 litres, both in summers and winters. Sit and drink water. Take a litre when you get up without brushing your teeth. Drink water before you hit the bed and no water consumption during the intake of food and after a bath.
  • Sit with yourself every day in silence for at least 2 hours without thinking. If you start concentrating on your incoming and outgoing breath only, you would be able to achieve it.
  • Be aware of what you are thinking through the day. Try, initially not to think negative a few hours of the day. Thereafter, try to keep one day in a week as a ‘Dry day’- meaning no negative thinking that day. Increase to two days, then three, to reach a state of no negative thinking 24x7x365. Possible? Yes, of course!!

To sum it up, I would only say, it is you alone, who can make ‘SELF’ better! Remember the famous quote- “In Giving is to Receive!” You can even chant it through the day. If we are good, everything around us would great!! We can be effective ‘Situational Leaders’ through the ‘Transformation’, as indicated above!! Just try and attain it!!

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