Saurabbh is a senior training consultant with Mindskillz over 19 years of experience, across various industries including IIT. He has trained over 16,000 professionals at junior, middle and senior management levels, entry level executives and teachers.

Of his 19 years of experience, for 4 years he spent in the GCC region, where he became a certified facilitator and coach from Landmark Academy in Dubai and Strengths training which is based in USA.

He has worked in various different and dynamic lines of work like in the operations, finding training business solutions, recruitment and staffing operations and he now works as training consultant alongside training industry professionals. He has imparted training programs across various industries like Telecom, Auto, Retail, Information Technology, Engineering, Educational Institutions, and Real Estate at all levels in India and the GCC.

Saurabbh encapsulates his participants to have them realize their strengths and motivates them to build on it. He is also a thorough, influential professional with a wide area of expertise and strengths that include Leadership skills, Facilitation and Presentation skills. He is also an expert in the field of Managerial development, Change management, Emotional and Social intelligence and time management. He is proficient and open in his training sessions with industry professionals to build leadership, Time management, and Communication Skills. He also has knowledge about selling techniques that have come in handy to many marketing managers. He also trains trainers to help them impart their knowledge to others better.

Saurabh skills to be one of the most popular and sought-after corporate trainers with the right amount of training fervour and knowledge-sharing. Her cross – industry experience include private retail business, that has helped build strong negotiation, sales and business skills which is an integral part of the competitive corporate

Saurabh core competent training areas include Leadership Development training setting up of training processes, Training delivery, Soft Skills, Voice and Accent Training, Leadership Behavioural & OD Interventions at organization level, TTT for facilitation skills – Trained over 300 trainers, Attrition management leading to cost saving

Saurabh’s representative clientele includes well known and major companies like Mercedes, Collins Aerospace, Volvo, Texas Instruments, HDFC, IRCO, Oracle, Yatra, Accenture, Mahaveer Buildings, Atkins, Wells Fargo, Strydes Global, Tyco and many more.

Languages known: English, Hindi & Punjabi.

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