Simple questions normally should have simple answers…..Perception.

Are perceptions always true. In fact, truth is a perception. It stems from the fact that there is nothing absolute in the world. So what we consider as truth, is actually a perception.

Going back to the topic, to be able to answer that question, we have to put things in perspective…relative perception.

Going back to the to not so recent past…the caveman times, what did life revolve around. The base of the Maslow’s theory pyramid……Food, Shelter and to a minimal extent clothing. If we put that in perspective with today’s life, simple isn’t it?

So what changed on the way. Man, in his intrinsic quest for that phase called happiness and for it to be everlasting, started creating dimensions in his life. Under the garb of making life easy, life started getting complicated and less simple. Mind you- there is a distinct fault line between simple and easy.

The permeability of our intellect allowed complicated thinking and it started appealing to man more and more…and voila…here we are. Look at the life around you and tell me what is simple.

As inventions, increased, convenience also did. and the demands started getting more.

Survival transformed from a need to a business. Success started getting measured, not in terms of achieving what you wanted, not in terms of satisfying that need called hunger, but on different parameters which can be narrowed down to either power or money. Happiness started getting weighed in on these terms.

In the ensuing rat race, mankind got embedded and trapped. They got sucked into the whirlpool of life measured on a different term. It is very nice to hear about adaptability, but who decides this.

Does a human being not have the power to decide on his parameter of happiness?

Can we human beings not get back to basics of life?

Does money and power define the the success or does man search for his identity?

Do we know who we are before we embark upon that journey to success?

If we choose embark upon the journey towards our identity…..that is…….. who we are, the purpose of our life, the energy within and the sync with the universal energy, life takes a different dimension. Convenience has allowed us to look outside for all answers while everything lies within. You have to be willing to search.

Delve deep within the realms of your souls, your being,  and there lies the answers. 

Life then becomes simple because you step away from doubts, inhibitions complaints and ego ad all other things which drive you to purported insanity, to the simplicity of acceptance. Because YOU are the only one that matters.

Life becomes simple because questions decrease and the answers are there. There is a reason to everything

So …..IS LIFE SIMPLE?…..the answer differs depending on the outlook and what

you NEED from life

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