SEVA- Service Excellence Through Value Addition (Customer Service)




The code of conduct states that professionals should maintain the highest standards of integrity in all business relationships to provide customers with a buying experience in which everyone does the right thing and thereby get the right results. The resource persons emphasized on ethics of selling. The post selling activities which help in retaining the customers and getting referrals were displayed through the successful stories of some sales people. The participants also shared their experiences in the field.
Accountability. Your customers expect your business to be accountable to your promises, and your customer service team creates the ‘face’ of your company. Customers turn to them when problems arise. The value of accountability means that your agent takes responsibility for the issue and does their best to fix it.

The Focus pointers were:

  • Recap and Review
  • Context Setting and Insight to Adaptive Selling
  • Ethics: The Foundation for Relationships in Selling
  • Code of Sales Professionals
  • Factors Determining Ethical Behavior of Salespeople
  • Group Presentations
  • The Road Ahead
  • Feedback

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2 Hr, 4Hr, 6Hr


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