Leadership during Testing Times


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  1. To understand different styles of leadership and how and when to use them?
  2. What are the needed skills to be a better leader?
  3. How Coaching and mentoring becomes an important and integral part of leadership?
  4. How to create a succession plan and implement the same?

Program Objectives:

  1. To Apply skills that enable you to initiate, execute and manage change effectively.
  2. What is change? – analyze different types of change: crisis, reactionary, anticipatory, and their different dynamics. VUCA environments
  3. Strategies to manage change – create change strategies that factor in the different, non-linear dynamics of a change process over
  4. Identifying valuable strengths and resources & Developing the skills required to manage change successfully – lead change during the testing times in business environment
  5. Useful models for change, NLP and a cognitive behavioral through a personal approach
  6. How to planning for successful change
  7. Building and maintaining momentum – How to keep the bigger picture in mind and work towards it

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