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Seven Ways to Build Influence in the Workplace
  1. Build Trust With Your Co-Workers. Influence is most often and most easily carried through trust. …
  2. Cultivate Reliability Through Consistency. Inconsistency is the fastest way to ruin your reputation. …
  3. Be Assertive, Not Aggressive. …
  4. Be Flexible. …
  5. Be Personal. …
  6. Focus on Actions Rather Than Argument. …
  7. Listen to Others.
There are five ways that leaders can earn the respect of their staff and colleagues and make a positive influence.
  1. Set the Work Ethic Standard: …
  2. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks or Admit When You’re Wrong: 
  3. Help Others Succeed: 
  4. Create a Positive Executive Presence within the Workforce: 
  5. Give Credit Where Credit is Due






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