Effective Probing and Listening Skills


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Probing is the art of asking the right questions. 
When we probe it is to generally solicit information from a prospect. 
The four types of listening are appreciative, empathic, comprehensive, and critical. 
Familiarize yourself with these different types of listening so you can strengthen and 
improve your ability to critically think and evaluate what you have heard.
Probing questions ask for more detail on a particular matter. They’re often follow-up questions 
meant to clarify a point or help you understand the root of a problem, so you know how best to move forward.
Top 5 Effective Questioning Techniques
  • Funnel questions. This strategy involves asking a series of questions, starting from the general to more specific questions. 
  • Open and closed questions. Closed questions usually elicit short or single word answers. 
  • Probing questions. 
  • Leading questions. 
  • Rhetorical questions.






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