Linkstreet Partnership – a strategic initiative

We believe in limitless opportunities. Transfer how your people learn

Mindskillz believes in the concept of adapting to the latest technology and how it can make a significant difference to us. In continuation to foster learning and technology we are introducing a “quick access to the learning content on multiple platforms”.

We are introducing a new phase in L & D technology. This enables real time learning which helps in making learning bite sized, video, mobile enabled fun and hassle free. We can also create an MIS platform to work on. This is ease the work for the users.

This means clearly a hassle free environment. A complete training tracker with helps in attendance, assessments, feedback, and content upload. This is a web based interactive training platform which is cost effective, time saving with multiple locale reach and training with no additional technology required. It also has an On the go Feedback and Discussion forums to share best practices across employees.


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