The IRB toll operators from Gujarat are the entry level employees and most of them are in the age group of 22 – 30. In most of the cases, their education level is 10 + 2. They come mostly from rural areas i.e. the villages of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Their families are mostly involved in farming and these operators have set out with a dream to make a difference to their own as well as the lives of their families.

The role of a toll operator is to collect toll (in the form of cash, card or auto debit) from the owners of the vehicles using the toll road. For this, they need to be aware of their own toll collection system and which vehicles can be exempted from toll collection. They have seniors in form of Supervisor, In-charge and Project Manager, who keep updating and mentoring from time to time.

A day in the life of a toll operator is very challenging as they have to deal with few angry, aggressive and abusive customers who are unwilling to pay toll. Apart from this, the toll operators also regularly inhale dust from the road and smoke 

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