To succeed, you must improve; To improve, you must first practice;

To practice, you must first learn; To learn, you must first fail!

COVID19 has given us the opportunity to stop and look back at what have we done so far in life, where do we stand in life, what is it that we want to achieve and accomplish.

Each individual have their own journey, their own sense of success and how relative and dynamic is the term ‘success’ can be only measured by self;

Most often we become the way people want us to be and not what we truly want to be. Success is measured in comparison.  In the struggle to live up to someone’s notions and ideas and impressions about you, we become what they want and forget what we originally are.

Learning is such a journey!

How often have we learnt what we are supposed to, rather than what we are good at and passionate about. Schools offer us education on what we must know and not what we want to know. Voluntary education is an unknown concept until we finish graduation or even later. We struggle to succeed in life – monetary benefits, social status, luxuries in life and so on…  

The pandemic has put a pause on what we already know and helped discover ourselves and move toward what we seek to know.  Multiple avenues cropped up to facilitate these learnings and we have enjoyed them thoroughly.

There is nothing right or wrong, good or bad as far as learning goes. Confidence is the driving force that helps us achieve a lot. We have to go deep into our mental processes to work this out powerfully.  Previous experience and insight are great assets to navigate us through our learning journey! Failures have made us more resilient. We have been given the unique opportunity to explore and exploit what we want to learn – personally and professionally.

Our motivation to learn, can be primarily for two things – one, the fear of failure. The biggest driving force to learn is fear of failure.  The other one which constantly keeps you on the toes is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Which translates as the beauty of achieving something which keeps you pushing to learn.  Both are perfect and wonderful sources for us to be motivated enough to learn what we are supposed to, so long it is an individual journey and a personal quest for learning.

It is a beautiful thought process that happens in our personal lives which is the only thing that we are true to.  But how true are we?  These are the deepest and darkest secrets which not even our best of our friends is aware of.  How are we going to remove these layers that we believe that we are or put across to people that we are truly this… is when the true learning begins.  It’s the best source of inspiration!

It is about our emotional journey. It is about us – being selfish which makes us selfless.  The day we realize our emotional capabilities or our emotional shortfalls we start working on unearthing our true potential.  This leads us to make sure that we accept ourselves as we are.  Once we are comfortable in our own skin – the journey becomes much simpler in doing things that keep us happy and motivated.  We start the journey towards self-regard which builds the confidence in us to go forward with whatever direction that we have chosen.

Life is too short to fill in other people’s shoes; if it’s too big, it becomes a constant struggle to fit in. if it is too short, it’s a constant suffocation; we need to find the right fit of shoes to feel comfortable. Once we ascertain what we personally aim for, the hard work, the time that we put in, the struggle that we face becomes a part of the journey that we thoroughly enjoy.

Motivation is majorly of 2 types –

Intrinsic – Intrinsic motivation involves doing something because it’s personally rewarding to you and Extrinsic – Extrinsic motivation involves doing something because you want to earn a reward or avoid punishment.

Whatever be the guiding force of motivation – intrinsic or extrinsic – so long as it keeps us in the track and helps us achieve our ‘success’ – is great! It’s never too late to learn anything! Happy Learning!

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” ―Robin Sharma

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