Mindskillz & Aquasail presents Leadership and Team Building
training through Regatta Sailing

Simple employee engagement through sailing lessons. Sailing is a sport that has maximum open variables and it is the REALITY of the experience that makes it unique and powerful.

What is coaching through Regatta?

Aquasail uses the powerful platform of sailing and racing to surface deep and powerful insights in the areas of team excellences and leadership. A typical Regatta can last anywhere between 4 hours to three days. Aquasail has highest levels of safety great equipment and superbly trained instructors making it a world class and very safe experience.

Regattas develop:
 Coordination & Team Work
 Situational, Collaborative Leadership
 Goal Visioning
 Delegation
 Innovation
 Risk Management

Why Choose Regatta over conventional training?
 You cannot control the wind but you can adjust your sails.
 We convert boring theoretic sessions to live experiential formats ensuring a higher takeaway and more value for investment.

More on the training:

A first of its kind of training in India, Mindskillz brings forth the powerful platform of sailing and sailing races known as Regattas for powerful team building and leadership programs.
A powerful saying that sailors use is “YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE WIND BUT YOU CAN ADJUST YOUR SAILS.”
SAILING REGATTAS convert theory into real life experiences ensuring high take away. Aquasail sailing regattas and formats have been used for
 Senior leadership: Collaborative leadership / Situational leadership/ goal visioning/ Risk Taking/ empowerment
 Across levels for team focus: Effective communication/ Delegation & Trust / responsibility and ownership excellence in teams
 Organization imperatives: Organization culture / diversity and respect
 Junior levels: classroom to work place
 Understanding of the brief and objective setting through pre program intervention,
 Highly focused and relevant context setting to create the framework for learning
 Experiential learning through real life sailing and racing on high performance yachts/ dinghies creates deep learning
 Insightful facilitation ensures sharing and group learning both at a personal and organizational level
 Post program commitments and action plans help create longer term and deeper impact

Ideal for:
 Cross functional leadership teams
 Management and board teams
 Functional teams across hierarchies
 High potentials
 Project teams

How to use:
 Create a standalone customized program using sailing – from intense half day workshops to 3 day interventions
 Add on half a day or a full day to your strategic worktops/ business sessions/ off sites/ conferences
 Make your goal setting offsite, sales conferences, business reviews more meaningful
 Include in management trainee or leadership capsules, cross functional or project teams modules and more.

Venue: Goa

The Full Day Program:
Includes the SAILING REGATTA or sailing race and also includes activities like kayak racing, wind surfing and beach activities that create strong bonding platforms and are also powerful tools for surfacing learning’s. The exact formats used depend again on time, group size, objective and profile. The combination of activities makes it exciting and allows different aspects to be focused on. Once again activities are preceded and followed up by context setting and facilitation to derive the learning’s. These have been used for small and large groups. For groups beyond 40 the facilitation on the next day is strongly recommended
2 To 3 Day Programs:
These allow more activities and more importantly allow us to take the degree of difficulty to different stages as the day’s progress. More time is allowed for facilitation and reflection and group work. These are extremely customized to client need. Typically we have used these with clients that have multiple objectives and where there is a clear focus on the training need and change required.

Group Size
Group sizes of 10 participants to 70.
 A Full Day Program using Aquasail facilities would be Rs. 17500/= per head + taxes.
 This will include Facilitation, Sailing Activities and Basic F & B for the day.
 Rooms, logistical etc are over and above.
 Additional activities or time is charged for over and above.
 However with added days the price will increase and if added facilities like a conference room are required that needs to be paid.

**Note: Programs can be further customized based on the need of the Clients to meet the purpose of the program.

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