A 2-Day Extended DISC Certification (CEDA Level) & 1 day Application Workshop

What will be covered during the certification during the first two days?
The CEDA certification on Extended DISC System enables a certified professional to read, comprehend and analyze the Extended DISC individual and work-pair reports. He/ she can then use the reports in recruitment, training, career progression and coaching.

Coverage in the Application Workshop.
“DISCover what drives behavior and how to capitalize on it”.
The workshop will help you in:

  • Increasing your understanding of behavioral styles (DISC); your own and others strengths and behavioral “blind spots”.
  • Becoming aware and appreciative of differences in other styles.
    Learning how workplace stress affects behavior in very predictable ways.
  • What is the criteria to join?
    Since the Extended DISC reporting is shorn of psychological jargon you don’t require a degree in psychology.

Why is it useful for me?
Certification on and use of Extended DISC system will increase your effectiveness in recruitment, training, career progression, coaching etc. In a competitive environment this is a major differentiator both at a personal and organizational level.

What is the Extended DISC system?
The Extended DISC system is not just a set of behavioral tools, but is a simple, unified and comprehensive psychometric assessment system that provides a range of tools which can be used during all processes from recruiting to HR development to analyze on individual, team or entire organization levels.
To know more about the Extended DISC system,
Log on to: http://www.larkslearning.com/psychometric-assesments.php

Who is it for?
 The workshop is for Trainers / Facilitators & L&D professionals who are involved in the creation and delivery of learning objects.

Why is this workshop useful for you?
 This workshop helps in significantly improving the effectiveness of how you plan, create, deliver and evaluate training.

What will the workshop help you in?
At the end of this program the learners will be able to:
 Comprehend key theoretical concepts and constructs and apply them in their current area of training
 Apply the basics of creating content and delivery to current work.
 Learn how to use technology tools to enhance learning.
 What will be the methodology?
 The methodology is to use 70% experiential learning and 30% lectures aiming at making learning fun and effective.
 Pre-work, discussions, exercises, role plays, video clippings, lecture & group exercises will be major methodologies.
 Each participant will create a learning object of 10 mins from scratch and will be required to present the same for peer and facilitator review and feedback
 Post which a certificate of successful completion will be provided by Larks Learning.

Who are the Facilitators?
Lovely Kumar and Anila Rattan
Lovely and Anila are C&G UK certified trainers with over 16 years of experience each. They have experience in training audiences ranging from frontline executives to top management in organizations ranging from MNC’s to family run businesses. They specialize in behavioural skills and soft skills training. They are certified on DISC assessments and Phillips ROI methodology apart from many other certifications.


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