Does Emotional intelligence training help in boosting Sales ? 

“How many of us have given it a thought? How many have observed or noticed that many sales representatives who followed all the sales processes, with great precision and did every thing right from the rule book, still lost out to some who were not as competent to them?

Sales success today to a great degree depends on Emotional Intelligence. If a sales person has the ability to identify and understand his own emotions and emotions of others, then he knows when and how to say what and is able to connect well with his customers,. He builds a good rapport, lasting relationships, leading to success stories in selling!

As of now, Emotional Intelligence development is in the natal stage for most sales departments. However integrating this training with Consultative Selling Skills and linking it to product training would lead to enormous gains and help in achieving sales targets with ease.

In today’s scenario training departments are realising the importance of Emotional Intelligence being critical in areas of self-development and an holistic approach to selling. They are confident, proactive, positively motivated, problem solve self-manage, and are therefore more  engaged employees with higher rates of job satisfaction!”

Cavita Mehra

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