Name of client: Schaeffler FAG, Vadodara
Name of training program: Creativity & Innovation
Name of trainer: Felix Fernandes
Level of training: Mid Management
Number of participants: 26
Held: 10th April 2017



Objective of the Workshop:

  • The origin on creativity = imagination
  • Aligning product and service innovation plans with business strategy for Schaeffler
  • Organizing new ways to foster innovation
  • Implementing concurrent engineering and rapid problem-solving techniques
  • Unlocking the potential of new experimentation technologies
  • Designing for flexibility, fast iteration, and creativity – in every day life (not just for the design/R&D function, but all other functions as well)
  • Creating innovation partnerships
  • Problem Solving techniques


  1. Brainstorming,
  2. Case Studies,
  3. Preparing creative team logo,
  4. Simulation,

Learning Outcome: By using Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic methods of training and facilitation, participants could actively participate and grasp various creativity techniques being discussed and portrayed.

Each one felt that the problem techniques discussed in the form of Root Cause Analysis, Fish Bone Analysis, Decision Making Matrix, SWOT Analysis, Brainstorming, Affinity Diagram and 6 Thinking Hats (Lateral Thinking) will be beneficial in their daily work.

Workshop Opening with lighting of Diya

Participant ‘s Expectations

Teams introducing themselves with creativity


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