Anjali Sharma is a humanist who has generously donated her time and efforts in the service of the marginalized, choosing AIF as her vehicle for contributing towards India’s development. Since 2001, she has supported AIF in a marketing and fundraising role. In 2009, Anjali became an AIF Trustee and Chairperson of Philanthropic Engagement. In this capacity, she has supported AIF events nationally, continuing to help cultivate stakeholders in the tri-state area and run AIF’s NY fundraisers. While serving on the board, Anjali will chair the Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach Committee.

Before engaging with AIF, Anjali worked in marketing and financial analysis roles in Corporate America for 14 years. She came to the US in 1976 and completed her undergraduate followed by an MBA here. She won the Junior National Tennis championship in India in 1975 and was then ranked #1 Junior in India.

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