Name of client: Schaeffler India
Name of training program: Entrepreneurship At Workplace
Name of trainer: Deepthi N Ravi
Level of training: Mid Level
Held: 19th-20th April 2017



Objective of the Workshop:

  1. Turning a viable opportunity into a focused strategy and business initiative.
  2. Developing an effective business plan for your function.
  3. Creating the “pitch” to sell your idea to internal customers and sponsors
  4. What is the VUCA environment?
  5. Deciding whether to build capabilities in-house or approach them through partnerships, external vendors
  6. Evolving strategy, organization, and leadership models as the business grows
  7. Recognizing and managing risk, while creating and measuring value
  8. Readiness to deal with failures


  1. Simulation
  2. Live case studies

Learning Outcome:

  1. The ability to think and relate with the bigger picture of the organisation
  2. The importance of the right job, right person
  3. To face VUCA situations with confidence
  4. To strategically work towards the success of the project(s)
  5. Understanding the risk factors and how to mitigate at the same time.


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