Communication is a constant and a never ending and a continuous learning process.

We at Mindskillz have understood the need well and created programmes that will suit all levels of audience.

  1. Basics of Communication at Workplace which caters to an understanding of the Phonetics, Accent Neutralization, Understanding the culture of different countries / regions. We also ensure that they understand the basics grammar errors and talk about Indianism.
  2. Intermediary level – This programme talks a lot about how to deal with clients and what is the language to use with the client. It’s aimed at Team Leaders who are in constant battling between team and task. This programme will help them to handle difficult situation and the art of giving feedback
  3. Advanced Level – This programme is an eye opener. It helps in Understanding the different types of people through DiSC methodology. Aimed at managers this programme talk about how they can be good influencers and how to deal with difficult people and situations.
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