Name of client: Schaeffler India
Name of training program: Being Future Ready!
Name of trainer: Deepthi Ravi
Level of training: Young Leaders Program
Held: November 2016 – 3 day program

“When it comes to the future, being a late adopter is the same thing as being out of business”- Jacob Morgan



Being Future Ready – A three day Leadership intervention with Schaeffler India was held in November 2016. Mindskillz constantly works towards bringing innovative methods of learning.

How to be future ready as a Young Leader of tomorrow was the theme of the day along with lots of fun!

Sense making, Novel and adaptive thinking, Social intelligence, Trans discipline, New Media Literacy, Computational Thinking, Design Mindset, Cognitive Management were the topics covered as part of the young leader’s growth mindset for gearing up for the future.

This program blended learning with  Theatre which helped the young leaders to control emotions better, understanding behaviour & body language during tough conversations, using the right tone when conversing, and getting more assertive.

Music was another route used to express and execute a client pitch in order to win the client over. It was gratifying to see how the new found skills found expression in creating a melodic sales pitch. Many values were highlighted among the leaders including self confidence, coordination skills, motivation, collaborative spirit, etc. This session was all about customer focus and creating a can do attitude making it a transformational learning with each person becoming a better team player.

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